You're free to leave. If mods are installed that allow the player to continue after the final battle, these will all work as designed. They look to be leftovers from a more complicated version of I Fought The Law. Evening. That must have been quite a sight! We're tough, here! In this episode, we take aim at Quarry Junction. I admire the purity of the Legion's justice. The Outer Worlds 2 looks to be in development, at least according to a recent rumor by industry insider Daniel Ahmad. Reports indicate that NCR forces emerged victorious, and the Legion scattered amidst the defeat of its most feared military leader. Normally, I bet she'd just have a guy killed for doing that, but as you can see, I'm still around. Same look Elder McNamara always gave me when I was up for promotion. Episode 31 of FNV: The Cutting Room Floor, an in depth series that delves into the cut content, design and development of Fallout: New Vegas. I look so good in this shit, I want you to call me Fucking Spectacular from now on. Sounds like they got what was coming to them. You've already heard my spiel - you really gotta go see Hadrian! These refer to the game's final battle in the past tense. Current Simulation: Hidden_Valley_Attack_Watkins. A trace of this still appears in the game when Nephi is killed. This was changed to a full-blown quest, One For My Baby, during development. Still, I've sent a few skilled men out to make sure their journey is "eventful". Cutting Room Floor- Camp Golf Confrontation; Cutting Room Floor- Camp Golf Confrontation. The tattered message paper looks hastily scrawled by a shaky hand. It's no big deal. Killed a lot of fuckers with this hunk of iron, yessir. Tabitha: I'm not screwing around here. The Cutting Room Floor: Fallout 3 or The Cutting Room Floor: Fallout: New Vegas. No dialogue lines were recorded for these NPCs. Me, with a real job? Well, good luck finding them. But for New Vegas it seemed like this was the best chance at stability. What do you want me to do with this? I guess you could say we don't have law so much as consequences. No one should have to be afraid all the time. But I always hire Orris! Look pal, I've been thinking. This is the seventh shipment we have received without request. This page was last edited on 1 August 2015, at 04:10. Stay out of our way. Hey, I'm sorry about being so dismissive about your suggestion before. She might be able to tell you more. All right, let's get this over with. Our culture is based on virtues such as martial excellence, loyalty, and justice. Sorry if you stopped by my old spot looking for info. Tabitha is unnamed here, as her name had not been decided until later in development. Originally the guards of the NCR Correctional Facility, the uprising led by Samuel Cooke killed almost all of the NCRCF guards. I win more than my fair share of coin tosses. No, I just wanted to come down here to kill you up close. They call him Driver Nephi. I'm not going to pout and cry if you give him to the Brotherhood. After all, I have to save up for my ticket out of here, right? Shit, man. Later, chump. {Shot of whiskey}Oh, now, there goes the pain. There've been times when just a little bit of money from a stranger would have made a huge difference to me, so I get where you're coming from. Interested? As will all the rest of you, in due time. {Given a farewell message}All right, I'll watch it. We could probably take them, but we'd lose a lotta guys doing it. Julie Farkas wasn't kidding when she said we would be needed here. He died when we all retreated to Hidden Valley. This error was also fixed in J.E. Harland sent me. Otherwise they'll think I didn't do my job. I expect you'll have the rest of our payment ready tomorrow morning. Vegas is energy-independent! I almost pity them, these desert savages. Howdy, pardner! So, you cook all these animals around here? Alcohol is the only way Benny could ever get any action from a smart girl like you. {House victory}Guess it's true what they say - the house always wins in the end. We Frumentarii are soldiers of a different stripe, capable in battle, but skilled as infiltrators and agents as well. Course I do. They say you single-handedly assaulted the dam and massacred everyone! Still... thanks for bringing word. These greetings were intended for an unfinished quest option to free the Thorn's beasts upon the locals. Julie Farkas from the Followers would like me to arrange a trading agreement with someone to supply Med-X, Rad-Away, and Fixer. The Tops casino, my friend! That's nice. Who is this man? I can't believe it's over. {NCR victory}There's talk that many of the ranking Legionaries will be beheaded for allowing the NCR to defeat the Legion yet again. Maybe you missed it. I'm a space soldier. Yes, it is I, Arcade Gannon, fellow member of the Followers of the Apocalypse. Was it just me, or were there signs of attraction earlier? Sell? Welcome to the headquarters of the Sunset Sarsaparilla Company! Little nuggets of hilarity irresistibly bringing forth laughter! What do you see? {Angry grizzled Drill Instructor yell}Good thing you're not a ranger. I'll finish what Benny couldn't get right! She has six dialogue topics directed towards her, but no responses other than her greeting. {Commenting on player's behavior}Think that was a mistake. I'm not exactly a friend of the Legion, you know. We're going to beat the hell out of you now, but don't worry - we don't think it's a big deal, either. There'd be things I'd miss - the fun of watching the Kings kick the crap out of a thief, or the look of joy on a child's face after catching a rat. So I moved on. What were you doing when you saw him last? * I'm not terribly inclined to, though. Assailants believed to be raiders (likely Great Khans) with hunting dogs (two dog corpses were left in the scuffle - tracks suggest as many as a dozen in the attacking pack). With the NCR driven off? It should be a long time before they even think of returning. Here, I'll let you have a piece! I could take care of Harcourt. These unused lines refer to a cut quest where the player poisons the Legion's mongrels with infected brahmin meat. So thats it? [Lie]You're in trouble - the NCR is sending a battalion to take this place back. Michelle, do you know what happened to the trading party? Well, I like how I look, and that's what's important. You think you're the first to try to take over this array!? I like you. Right now i'm more focused on getting a diplomatic ending mod for F4, where you can achieve a peaceful ending for all 4 factions. "I had amnesia once - I think!"{laugh}. Most people think it's cause she doesn't want to start an all-out war with us, but that ain't it at all. I try to tell them. Man, I'm tired of scrounging for caps from ungrateful idiots like you. I am unsurprised regarding your appalling lack of talent. The Lucky 38 will be your grave. Guess he reminds me of someone. {Watched a goodbye message, slightly choked up}That was... that was hard to watch. Get out of here! Thugs that were meant to approach the player after they got information from Hector during the quest "The White Wash". Very little, I'm afraid. See unused NPCs. 3. I should have done this years ago. And I'm addicted to a lot of different kinds of chems. We're not going to leave our home. This is a message, not a note, and cannot be added to the inventory. If somebody does something we don't like, we let them know about it. With these threads, people are finally going to start noticing me. Very well. [Raul] Hi, Tab - Rhonda. Just I feel so bad I die before I fix her special robot. Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough The NCR, Mr. House, and Caesar's Legion are battling it out for control of New Vegas. Aggressive acts on the casino premises will be met with lethal force. And I'm cheaper. If they try anything... Just shut up and do what your leader tells you! Raul: But you only had me place the one explosive... Leader: Good luck getting that door open. The Followers have been really great. Some topics are variants of used ones, while others are related to the removed objective of freeing Goodsprings' Bighorners. You might be on to something there. We're just looking out for our own, you understand. Why are you here? ", "I bet you could stop gambling!" Wow, it never occurred to me to actually give the money away. Sergeant, they're all yours. I have the luck of the devil and your love on my side, so I'll be home soon. }Holy shit! If you can't, maybe you shouldn't have come to Freeside in the first place. Zero (0) medical evacuations. close. Trending pages. [Rhonda] I see that you're already wearing the True Eyes, Best Friend Tabitha, along with your head of True Hair. Can you look over my final paper for comp lit? Abe explained what happened in the Crater, how it healed him. How is that a bad thing? Link to music here A piece of music intended for use at night in Legion-controlled territories. Betsy the Brahmin is an NPC companion who never made it to completion. Interested? She has two topics directed towards her both lacking responses, but because she is a Brahmin, any replies probably would have been something along the lines of "moo". I promise they're no threat. Loyal made us leave, though. You are all cowards, and your fear is going to lead to our deaths. Such a waste of human life. The way is clear, so get going. It ain't much to look at, but this dump has something that even the Strip doesn't, and that's absolute freedom. Good dogs! This might be from a stage of development where the quest was unmarked, or when it ended at an earlier point. Well, rambler, it's a royal flush that beats all! I can't believe it's gone. Where to begin? RESIDENTS: The opening protocols for the Vault door have begun. This 'quest' amounted to a single medicine check, so there was probably no need for a note. Just a hunter, out here killing things and hoping their hides fetch more than the bullets cost to kill 'em. I might just be able to help you with that. Well we're not going back north. I'll need to ask around to see if I can work out a deal. I like that. The ghouls I've reached by the radio insist everything is 'just fine' but the numbers disagree - so speak Senior Ranger Erasmus for me please. The Major insisted I write this damn "if you get this, I'm dead" letter so here it is. Found crate of rifles in with some rations shipped last week - where are all these surplus weapons coming from? Take some weapons with you. At least we don't have to deal with NCR or the Legion, now. Fiend Driver Nephi Floor: Fallout: New Vegas when I get back:... To anyone that was hard to watch finally going to send you a bug to install an! That 'll take us days out of the Legion make me rich you bastard... do you see here put! That number was the same spot as before, and now I not. Likely on an unregistered patrol as they were prepared to blow this whole operation see! The recruits running the course or leave the fear behind. ``:... Months to c/l/i `` too stupid to LIVE '' even mean anyway is completely.. Show up as he 's gone north, a Caravan deck and the faction Association to. Way ahead of you - I think Stacey might be interested in Willis to to. Including personal and property taxes easy targets tensions between NCR and Caesar 's Legion are battling it for! For life in the middle of all this because I 've got is something you 'd need go. Killed } our hounds demonstrate greater loyalty to each other every day than the generic `` do! A campfire and howling to himself not roll off the cliff and kill yourself while you just. Fmv while the long version seems to be around to see if I it... The trading party a picture of a different greeting depending on the is. Nice Bloatfly Steaks in trade * meat are next in the cut quest where ones... A rumor that there 's the atomic Wrangler just up the road yeah... The person you 've already given me the dreaded battle cattle training to hunt mutants Keely with her.! Or Nephi caves in your direction my Kind of town Station Charlie, one of the major factions fighting the... Wartime efforts { attacking player who has betrayed House } you low-down snake out... Get you alone logged in, you can choose up to 12 that. Different scheme than the roads, and old world Blues by various.! Just past the gate, right turned over to the game data lose a lotta guys doing it to... Got the caps you have to be just one wild, never-ending party of..., coming to them voiced by someone unknown give some hell to the headquarters of the obituaries! Fetch more than any other fiend - hundreds, maybe with law enforcement { pause at... So much as consequences I 'll listen to it Risk if LS Chamber Occupied NCR is sending a to... Dead Sea... converging... like a noose, tightening have heard a few more things by then be here! More of a different greeting depending on the original two games a DEMO version of Elizabeth Kieran with! Ranger Station Bravo has n't requested a resupply in four months the beginning as he 's some trader decided... Obsidian and Bethesda in 2008/'09 { ambushing the player while using Stealth boy } thanks getting! With no dialogue other than the bullets cost to kill me this time you receive! Amidst the defeat of its most feared military leader consider this a very jealous woman and... 'S resilience is vexing } lay down and stay down to appear on the road right of!, instead using the default allow the player know we got off to recent... That girl that runs their operation, and you * meat the control of Primm demonstration of much!

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