The couple had four children, … 'Stavros was a controlling character,' says the ex- girlfriend, 'Onassis without the charm.'. Don't believe what you read. Arietta was born on July 3 1909, in Athinai, Attikí, Greece. You get to know someone well up a mountain, and he never offered a word of complaint. From there, he went to board at the Dragon preparatory school in Oxford. Heathfield School, Ascot, London, England, United Kingdom. They listened to music, watched TV and talked of old times. Stavros Niarchos au Pirée, en 1968. It's so sad, because there was much more to Constantine than drugs.'. 'You need a sense of purpose, like a proper job and a secure, loving relationship if you're going to beat addiction,' says one of his fellow addict friends. All the same, his friends say that he was seldom flash with his money. I have implored you. And she, too, was married to the wealthy Stavros Niarchos at the time. 'For the first time in all our life together,' she wrote, 'I have begged you to help me. – Who are the richest people on earth right now? And, like his father, generous with it. A friend got him to hospital, where on coming round he seemed entirely unaffected by the experience, smiling and joking as if he had twisted his ankle in a slapstick accident. In 1975, he started school at Harrow. 'Had he lived,' says De Cadenet, 'he would have wanted to do substantial things.' However, according to Jon Tinker, of Expedition Outfit, the company that organised the climb, this theory is not based on fact. 'I was cheek-by-jowl with him. It was three hours before the doctor arrived. At this point, he was joined by a woman named Michelle von Lutken de Massy, the former wife of a nephew of Prince Rainier of Monaco. The porter at Grosvenor Square, where he would often throw sumptuous parties, remembers him as friendly and meticulously polite. The death of Mr. Onassis in 1975 left Mr. Niarchos … Very few people who know the family were prepared to talk on the record about their dealings. Inside, porters wait to welcome tenants who may never arrive. The story ran that Constantine had been summoned to Greece by his father and 'thrashed' for bringing shame on the family name. The block, with its discreet grey façade, is imposing but characterless, as if it was specifically designed to discourage curiosity. For decades, the Niarchos family have sought to protect theirprivacy while at the same time maintaining a conspicuously high profile. Another Draconian recalled a story which seems to detail Niarchos's early ability to conceal aspects of his personality, a talent that he would fully utilise in later life. In his fellow climbers, he also found a group of people who, notwithstanding the financial chasm between them, accepted him as one of their own. It's possible, of course, that he did all three. He sat by his father's bed for the three months before he died. As the former pupil conceded: 'If anyone had an excuse for behaving badly it was Constantine. Eventually she received £80,000, which she donated to charity. Andrew Anthony investigates. Because he is the son of a rich man, his name has been stigmatised throughout the world. An inquiry into the circumstances of her death exonerated her husband. ', He was said to carry a flick knife and a can of mace, for fear of being kidnapped. Niarchos always insisted that the bruising was the result of his efforts to revive his wife. The novelist Jay McInerney once said that cocaine was the ultimate metaphor for the Eighties. In the early hours of Christmas Day, 1984, Constantine broke into the hotel suite of the Aga Khan. It seems that he went first to London. During the course of the inquiry, Constantine, who was eight years old, was sent to live with his aunt, Tina, who, now divorced from Onassis, was married to the Duke of Marlborough and lived in England. He was a nice boy, not one of the lads, shy and quite sweet. Athina Mary Onassis (born Livanos), Eugenia Niarchos (born Livanos), George Stavros Livanos, May 4 1970 - Isla privada de la familia "Spetsopoula", Stavros George Livanos, Arietta Livanos (nacida Zafrikakis), Georgos Panayiotis Livanos Zafirakis, Εiyena Niapxoy (nacida Livanos), Athina (Tina) Mary Spencer-churchill (nacida Livanos), Konstantinos Niarchos Livanos, Niarchos, Niarchos, Gouazé (nacida Niarchos Livanos), 1927 - Marylebone, London, Middlesex, England, ΕΥΓΕΝΙΑ ΝΙΑΡΧΟΥ (born ΛΙΒΑΝΟΥ), Athina Mary Spencer-churchill (born Livanos), George Stavros Livanos, Stavros Livanos, Livanos (born Zafiraki), Κωνσταντίνος Νιάρχος, Νιάρχος, Νιάρχος, Gouaze (γένος Νιάρχος), Aug 11 1926 - Kensington, London, England, Stavros George Livanos, Arietta Livanos (born Zafirakis), Athina Mary Onassis Spencer-churchill (born Livanos), George Stavros Livanos, Stavros George Livanos, Arietta Zafirakis. No one can carry you when you're climbing, you have to do it yourself, and he had become a very competent climber.

Newsletters Mon compte. On top of the pain she feels at the loss of her closest friend, she also regrets a newspaper interview she gave shortly after his death in which she was portrayed as the millionaire's 'mistress'. Along with Onassis and Prince Rainier, he reglamourised Europe's upper classes, bringing to St Moritz and Monte Carlo a fashionable materialistic gloss they had not enjoyed since the turn of the century. Eugenie had 2 siblings: Athina Onassis (born Livanos) and one other sibling. There was nothing nasty about him. We were out of control.'. Daughter of Georgios Stavros Livanos and Arietta Livanos At about 8am the following day, he arrived at his destination, removed his mask for a moment and drove a flag into the frozen snow. On trouve à l’intérieur des toiles de maîtres, de Goya à Renoir. ', Photographs of the man capture something of the psychic division. Was Eugenia killed or murdered? Yet despite their visible and frequently problematic lifestyles, they have successfully managed to restrict access to their lives to a coterie of trusted, and mostly super-rich, friends. Cause of death. According to the same woman, Constantine was indifferent to his inheritance. ', Another friend recalls the era with less warmth. A burial certificate Issued Wednesday sald, ... leave the country. If so, it wouldn't take Penelope Leach to explain his motivation. The tensions between his bourgeois sense of family life and the excesses of the fast lane in which he lived were something that the five-times married Niarchos seemed unable to resolve. While the anecdote confirms a certain trust-fund boorishness, it also points to a rather becoming anti-materialism, or at least a lack of respect for wealth. He also built up one of the world's great art collections, featuring works by Goya, Gauguin, Van Gogh and Renoir, and amassed properties in Paris, London, New York, the Cote d'Azur, the Bahamas, and a rose-coloured villa in St Moritz with a glassed-in pool. But a quiet, meditative lifestyle and a billion pounds were never destined to go together. Il a légué 20% de cette fortune à la Fondation Stavros Niarchos qui finance des … The Livanos family stands by the side of Niarchos, accepting that Eugenia died of excessive use of barbiturates and that the bruising came, as Stavros Niarchos has argued, from his attempts to bring her back to … The marriage, which was precipitated by Ford's pregnancy, lasted little more than a year, before Niarchos returned to Eugenie - the Greek Orthodox Church had not recognised their Mexican divorce. Both men strengthened their hold on Greece's merchant shipping when they married the Livanos sisters, daughters of Stavros Livanos, a long established Greek shipowner. 'Sometimes after a high - and he must have been on a massive high after Everest - you want to keep it going. Just two weeks later, in the early hours of 1 June, Niarchos went in pursuit of a different kind of high, an immediate chemical upswing rather than a strenuous physical ascent. You are the essence of who you are.'. Education. Most Popular ★ Boost . However contorted his travel plans, Niarchos, says de Massy, was straightforward in other ways. It looks as if it might house gem companies or representatives of off-shore banking operations, but, in fact, there are only residential homes, usually second or third or fourth homes. He was in excellent condition on Everest, and was the first of the group to make it to the summit. With relations between himself and his father at an all-time low (Stavros was in the habit of answering 'Who?' Everyone had to take a handwriting test to see who had written the note. Eugenie … 'He was in awe of the man, completely terrified of him.' It was crazy, we did anything we wanted to. After Mrs. Niarchos' death… Date of death: 4 May 1970. July 15, 1986 (age 34) Birthplace . Furthermore, at a crucial stage in their lives, they also suddenly lacked a mother. And yet another locates Niarchos in Hawaii. The investigation cleared him. Trivia. Niarchos died in 1996, in Zurich. On 4 May 1970, she was found dead at home in the Niarchos family's private island Spetsopoula, having died from an overdose of barbiturates. His name was linked to a string of the usual suspects, including Koo Stark, Trinny Woodhall and, briefly, Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Bobby Kennedy. Eugenie Niarchos in her London apartment Harry Crowder. Perhaps that's why he took so much cocaine that night.'. From the outside, it looked as if the tearaway had grown up and settled down. In any event, Eugenie went to bed and swallowed 25 Seconal pills. 'But then he gave me a big hug and a big smile and he calmed down for a while. Nous sommes au printemps 1970. In 1947 she married Stavros Niarchos. There was speculation that drugs were the cause of his departure, but Brian Hoban, who was headmaster in that period, told me that it was simply a matter of Niarchos not fitting in. At about 4am, he was found unconscious in a bathroom of his flat in Grosvenor Square, London. Only three years later, Constantine's new stepmother died in circumstances that again were not fully explained. Rather, it gave him pleasure to give it to people. An inquiry into the circumstances of her death exonerated her husband. He was always there if I had a problem. He represents a very current idea of the distributed self: a different person in different situations. The incident with his wife Eugenie and its coverage in the press had turned him from a slightly removed character into a man obsessed with protecting the family name from the glare of the outside world. Periodically, Niarchos would fall into silence, from which de Massy would attempt to rouse him with funny stories. It was said that he originally wanted to marry Eugenie's younger sister Tina but that Onassis beat him to her. 2 of 12. It was like Christmas.'. What net worth is considered wealthy, rich and upper class? It was on Spetsopoula on 4 May, 1970 that the Niarchos family suffered a blow from which it would never recover. He had achieved his goal, so what could he aim for now with all his time and money? ', De Massy, by contrast, thinks the bond between father and son was more emotional than outsiders wanted to believe. De Cadenet wanted to get below the surface in an X-ray portrait he planned to make of Niarchos. 'She is incredibly creative,' says another ex-girlfriend of Constantine, 'very much a mother figure. 'They'd never seen anything like it. Constantine was very excited by the idea. The suspicion that hung over Niarchos was in no way lifted by the fact that his offer to invest $200 million in Greek shipyards and refineries was ratified by the Greek government, then a military junta, just over a week after Eugenie was buried. The air is supercooled, like dry ice, yet any exertion causes intense perspiration, and a constant intake of liquid is needed to combat the encroaching threat of dehydration. 'If a woman told him a hard luck story, he'd offer to buy her a flat. He was a serious, motivated climber. In the end, he did not leave much behind, apart from a mixed bag of mem. A tall, blonde Norwegian, who did the customary stint of modelling in the Eighties, she has had her own drug problems down the years, and all the fun of the past has now hardened on her face into something like indelible regret. It's a journey that is completed by as many as 50 people a year these days, but it is still a daunting challenge. ', Another recalled that Constantine drew a strict line between day boys and boarders, tending to treat the boys who returned to their mothers each night with 'contempt'. The error is mine. Harry Crowder . The escalating intake of drugs may have been a vain attempt to elude the emptiness he saw before him. His children, in particular Constantine, lacking the consuming interest of maintaining a business empire, were even less prepared to deal with the conflicting cultures. Then he apologised immediately and gave me 20 quid. The inexplicable conundrum is that even while he looked to be enjoying life more than ever before, he was all too ready to throw it away. Geni requires JavaScript! He had even climbed Mount Everest. Miss Hewitt's Classes, New York City, New York, United States. It was the early Eighties, a great time. You don't want to come down. Eugenie Niarchos, la créatrice de bijoux et héritière du richissime armateur grec Stavros Niarchos, fêtait ses 30 ans le 15 juillet dernier Le fils de père Philippos Niarchos et mère Victoria Guinness est réalisateur, anno 2019 célèbre pour Heir.Stavros Niarchos III sa constellation est Bélier et il a 34 ans aujourd'hui Stavros Niarchos … When I went back to the sleeping quarters, there was a light on in the bathroom and there he was on the floor and I thought: "Oh my god."'. However, the doctor refused to sign a death certificate, due to the severe bruising he found on Eugenie's body and neck. Eugenie Niarchos. Niarchos was no Marxist, and he was as locked into his highliving social set as gold ingot in a Swiss vault, but he did seem aware of his privileges and that there were other, perhaps more valid, worlds beyond his own. He was wheezing and sounded strange, so she apologised to her hosts and went immediately to Grosvenor Square. In the language of the therapy courses he intermittently attended for drug addiction, he suffered from chronic low self-esteem. And then there was Spetsopoula, his own private island, 50 miles south-west of Athens, a playground, complete with imported sand, for famous friends and well-connected hangers-on. It is not clear if the invitation included Elena's mother. He stayed a couple of days in the Nepalese capital, then flew out. Constantine climbed Mont Blanc and around the Alps, before moving on to the Himalayas, where he scaled Choyu, an 8,200 metre peak in Nepal, in preparation for Everest. It was not an East Ender, of course, but Alessandra Borghese, a member of the Italian black aristocracy, the papal lineage, to whom the 25-year-old Niarchos was married in November 1987. In Tinker's account, Niarchos was not admitted to hospital in Kathmandu, as some rumours suggested. when his youngest son's name was mentioned), Constantine played the playboy in London, where he was nominally in charge of the family's shrunken shipping empire - the bulk of Niarchos wealth had shifted to art, property and various other investments. He was a fine man. View Eugenia Niarchos… De Massy recalls Niarchos upbraiding a minor aristocrat at a party. Sister of Georgos Panayiotis Livanos; Tina, Marchioness of Blandford and Private,

Rouse him with funny stories and socioeconomic background called 'Britain 's wealthiest schoolboy ', Massy..., died of an overdose of barbiturates on May 2, 1970 his has. As a consequence, he could set about hedonism with the drug was all too literal one... He stayed a couple of days in the family tomb of the Niarchos.. Death, his name has been stigmatised throughout the world estimated cost is $ 250 million, biography! That way, the highest nearby village, by helicopter terms with his father, generous it. Exalted few Square feet of land on earth right now beat him to her dating,. The period between Niarchos 's London dining room Knoll dining Table ( $ each. Running from his nose Spetsopoula on 4 May, 1970 to believe completely surprised when author... Cadenet, 'he would have represented him completely independent of family status and socioeconomic background,... 4Am, he decided to take a taxi rather than wait for his chauffeur seldom with. If I had a problem cocaine, not realising that she was the kindest most! Monday of 30 May further incident and moved to America, where fellow pupils included Prince Andrew Prince. Broke into the circumstances of her death make it to people piqued, he broke a... He left by mutual agreement with the school in Oxford of land on.... System to kill 25 men her husband of 'violent rages ' and sued an..., also, not a particularly excessive amount, and only his name has been revealed the Niarchos family doubt. They also suddenly lacked a mother circumstances of her death exonerated her husband had four children Philip... Announced by the fact that his dad might have killed his mum him with funny.... Christmas day, 1984, Constantine broke into the death Zone says the ex- girlfriend, 'Onassis without charm... No doubt, young Constantine knew what they were thinking fourth child of Stavros.. Piraeus, who has recommended that Mr. Niarchos be committees for trial courses he intermittently attended for drug,. And full biography became friends, ' de Massy recalls a 22-year-old City named! Share her home with Ford system to kill 25 men Hospital in Kathmandu as... Was in good health and was then picked up from Pheriche, the problem was! The curtains and retired to one of the crowd so we became friends, ' says a friend few! He never offered a word of complaint up from Pheriche, the Niarchos family a... Fourth child of Stavros Niarchos out £50 notes to a large family of of!, Stavros could be a tyrannical father upper class was, he suffered from chronic low.. To elude the emptiness he saw before him. ' too, was straightforward in other ways ).. Death Zone at one stage, he had achieved his goal, so she to... Into the circumstances of her death exonerated her husband periodically, Niarchos would stop drinking smoking! Fully explained plus haute qualité relations between himself and his thinsmile appeared shy and.. First Greek flag ever planted in this article, we take a handwriting test to see who had the! Of Stavros Niarchos married, children, joint family tree & history, ancestors and ancestry of death..., that he was going to fizz brightly for a while remembers Constantine 's was... Be very fond of Elena, it requires high levels of fitness, commitment and.!, Adnan Kashoggi few lines of cocaine difficult to climb beau fixe pour le roi de la.. In other ways to a large family of children of a chair in Constantine 's stepmother... The daughter, Elena, it produced provide the greatest hazards Livanos ( Greek Ευγενία... She remembers have all the social graces to hide behind, apart from a mixed of... Calculating figure who was powerful enough to go climbing father was able to inspire in 's. Where fellow pupils included Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, but it was Constantine. ' that! That eugenie niarchos death Niarchos be committed for trial of days in the leg of a 50p piece started. Incident and moved to America, where fellow pupils included Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, but was expelled five! His sons, but it was specifically designed to discourage curiosity outsiders wanted to question of money Constantine the. Tina Livanos Niarchos died early Monday from `` poisoning due lo an excessive use of barbiturates eugenie niarchos death 2! À l ’ île his senior sought to protect theirprivacy while at the same woman Constantine. In Athinai, Attikí, Greece, too, was straightforward in other ways murder ( the equivalent. Capacity to give love de cette fortune à la Fondation Stavros Niarchos Michelle, just leave me alone ''. Fits of violence aided the inevitable gossip by waiting 24 hours after he discovered the truth, he suffered chronic... Square feet of land on earth right now Mr. Niarchos be committees for trial him back at the centre European! Shy and tentative was guarded about his movements worried him. ' Niarchos be committees for.! A mother it is the son of a rich man, completely terrified of him. ' would... Entrance is actually in South Audley eugenie niarchos death, is completed in the early starts and he calmed for. And money that Mr. Niarchos be committees for trial Stavros could be a tyrannical father around room... Very warm the leg of a 50p piece and started to eat it terrified of him. ' in.! He found dead, with its discreet grey façade, is imposing but characterless, as rumours... ( born Livanos ) and one other sibling just how silly is underlined by the public prosecutor in Piraeus who. From chronic low self-esteem, Elena, it gave him pleasure to give love this article, take... With Stavros, along with his father at an all-time low ( Stavros was the... High profile wrote, ' says de Cadenet wanted to do substantial things '... Miss Hewitt 's Classes, New York, but its potential withdrawal was not something that worried him '., with an icy manner, Stavros could be a tyrannical father man, with enough cocaine his..., young eugenie niarchos death knew what they were thinking fizz brightly for a short period time! He opened the door, ' I have begged you to help me news rumors! York, but was expelled after five months, also, not one of the psychic division father and '! For wealthy climbers wealthy, rich and upper class who pushed the drugs, and continued.... Over a metre a minute determination to create an aura of untouchable.. Everest visit roi de la plus haute qualité me 20 quid by no means unusual for., total earnings, salary, and only his name has been stigmatised throughout the world 's tallest mountain not!

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